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All Level Yoga

8 Week Zoom Course

All Level Yoga

Currently offered on:

Tues 5:45 pm | Fri 9:15 am

1 hr 15 min

Class Duration:

These classes are designed to challenge you at your own level, but provide detailed instruction so that anyone can participate. Whether you have years of experience or you’re newer to yoga, you will be encouraged to grow at your own pace. You will learn to build a new relationship of trust with your body and learn about the connection between the body and mind and feel the difference that that connection makes. Perhaps you are looking to lose weight and tone or are interested in learning to de-stress, find peace of mind or just feel better in your body. Yoga can bring all of the above and more into your life. If you have never done yoga or have not been physically active in a while, private and semi-private sessions are also available.

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