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8 Week Zoom Course


Currently offered on:

Thur 8:00 am

1 hr

Class Duration:

Experience the full benefits of Yoga. When most people hear “Yoga,” they think about the exercise part or postures. But did you know that the yoga breathing, postures, sequences, and relaxation in Yoga were ALL designed to move the practitioner toward Meditation? I invite you to take this course and discover the advantage of a complete yoga practice. Even if you have not taken a yoga class or course you can still take this meditation course and receive the benefits of mental clarity and emotional calm and wellbeing.

Here is some of what you will learn in the course:

- Learn to sit comfortably, whether it is on a chair or propped up with pillows
- Handouts to study and to refer to
- Interaction with other students who have experience
- Q&A time with personal guidance
- A weekly tutorial that will give you tools to use in your practice
- 10 to 30 minutes of guided meditation which we will build gradually together

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